Beginners’ Guide to Using an Anal Douche

For most of the nightmare: When fucking suddenly a nasty smell rises in the nose, the condom has skid marks. That’s the guarantee that the guy with just a guy who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with is just a one-night stand. You should know how to use an anal douche.

That does not have to be: with an enema you can make sure before the act, that everything is clean down there as well. With the help of a hose, the intestine is simply rinsed out. And that does not take longer than brushing your teeth – about three minutes. At home you can use a hose that you just attach to the shower about 50 dollars. Simply insert the tube into the anus with some lubricant, rinse and empty the bowel on the toilet. Repeat the whole until the water runs clean from the butt.

However, when introducing the instrumentation, the sensitive intestinal mucosa can be damaged. Damaged mucosa increases the risk of HIV infection in unprotected anal intercourse.

For on the way, a so-called syringe can be used, which is available in the sex shop for a few dollars. This is a simple plastic bottle with a small hose at the end. You can use this equipment several times, but it always has to be washed out well.

In some people, the enema activates the elimination process, so that the proper defecation is pending. In addition, even with mild diarrhea, the intestine can refill within a few minutes. As hard as it may be, passive anal intercourse should be avoided altogether during this time.

With an anal shower for tangy pleasure

For lovers of special sex toys, with which you can get intense pleasure and erotic pleasures, offers a high-quality anal shower from erotic online shop certainly many attractive options. The anal shower is a relatively classic sex toy for women and for men, which can be used in many ways, but yet many are not as familiar as dildos and vibrators. Of course, a good anal shower is especially suitable for those who enjoy anal pleasures and anal stimulation, and who want to allow themselves a very special feeling with an anal shower. By the way brings an anal shower but not only exciting and stimulating feelings, but can also be optimally used for body care and creates more hygiene for lovers of anal intercourse.

The anal shower in preparation for anal sex

Prepared for anal sex with an anal shower that is properly applied, the intestine is freed from excrement residue and thoroughly cleansed, making anal sex a much more pleasant and clean thing. For this purpose, the anal shower is easily integrated into the body care and used for example in the shower. A pleasant side effect is, of course, the fact that the anal shower stimulation and stimulation is felt, where you certainly have his pleasure. The water that is injected into the anus via the anal shower and then exits again creates a very special feeling that cannot be experienced with any other sex toys in such an exclusive way.

Anal douche in different variants

Of course, there is a certain selection in the area of ??the anal douche you should look at. The anal shower can be constructed very different and accordingly also a variety of irritations possible. The classic thing is that the anal shower is either operated with a small hand pump or attached directly to the shower hose. Mostly introduced is a shower rod, which reminds of a dildo, but lets the water through and introduces into the anus. This massage stick is next to the type of operation of the anal shower, the most common difference that you should pay attention to when choosing. In addition to simple and smooth bars, there are of course the anal showers with sexy essays, through which even more intense enjoyment is possible.

Anal rinsing with maximum hygiene

To make it as clean as possible when dealing with an anal shower and the anal rinse and you can really enjoy these carefree, it is especially important that you use his anal shower in a place where the water of the conditioner can expire or be caught. As with any sex toy for men or sex toys for women, an anal shower should also be thoroughly cleaned after every use, so that germs and bacteria have no chance and you can enjoy your sex toys carefree.

Worth knowing about the shower attachment

Shower attachments have a thread, fitting to the 1/2 inch connection of the shower hose. For use, they are replaced with the ordinary shower head. Please use a shower attachment only with good water quality, but above all only on fittings where both the flow rate and the temperature of the water can be set exactly and constantly. Hot water instantaneous water heaters often have a pressure switch that regulates the heating power. It is not advisable to use shower caps as the water temperature cannot be adjusted consistently. For unknown or inadequate water quality and uncontrollable water pressure and changing water temperature for intimate rinses, use the safe shower balls.

Shower ball and enema bag for the little enema

The shower ball is filled to the brim with lukewarm water. If you like, you can add one. Drop of a mild and unscented shampoo. After the irrigation tube has been put on, it is inserted through the sphincter a little way into the rectum. By light pressure on the ball any amount of the rinsing solution is pressed into the intestine. With compressed ball, the flushing pipe is pulled out. After a few minutes of exposure, the liquid is allowed to escape from the intestine to the toilet. If an enema bag is used, the 3-liter capacity does not mean that you should let this amount run in at once. Useful are rectal rinses with ‘smaller portions’.

The process is repeated as often as desired, the last two rinses should be done with lukewarm water without additives. As a rinse solution also lukewarm chamomile tea is used, and some people swear by the little mocha, whose caffeine will make tired men cheer up.

Protect the intestinal flora

In healthy people with controlled digestion, the rectum is usually empty after defecation. Moisture remnants are absorbed by the intestine in about half an hour. Apart from special practices such as fisting, small enemas with a small amount of water are quite sufficient.

Repeat the rinse several times until the drained liquid is almost clear. Such cleansing hardly affects the healthy intestinal flora and is preferable to deep flushing with larger amounts of fluid. Deep flushes and extensive enemas should be made only for health reasons. For anal intercourse, the use of a butt plug or other anal toys they are not necessary. On the contrary, the larger the amount, the longer it takes for the liquid to be excreted. If you do not take the time, you should expect a ‘run on’.