I really love these butt plugs. They are beautiful and of great quality. I received them in the mail yesterday, the company kindly alerted me that they should be arriving soon, and sure enough i checked my mail a few hours later and they were there. I opened the box and inspected the plugs and they were perfect. Very smooth all the way around, i looked and felt where the holes were drilled in to make sure it wasn’t sharp anywhere and im happy to say the holes are drilled perfectly. No sharp edges and no chipped areas. I haven’t gotten to use the eggs yet, but i plan on it tonight. I will give an update on my results after i use them for a while.


When I first heard of butt plugs, I didn’t expect too much. In my mind, there was no chance they would actually improve my Kegels. But, I am happy to say that I was wrong. They took my Kegel exercises to a whole new level. Now, I feel like my control over my body is better than ever. After some time, I can tell that my anal muscles are much stronger. And that has led to a significant increase in pleasure when it comes to my sexual life. My orgasms are stronger than ever!  I am more than happy to recommend butt plugs to everyone who asks about them.


I have always been a great believer in chakras and the sanctity of the womb. So it didn’t really take me long to start using butt plugs. Before I tried my toy out, I took the time to do some research. And after seeing a lot of positive reviews, I bought an egg for myself. The first thing I had noticed was that walking around with a butt plug inside was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. It turns out that Kegel exercises didn’t prepare me for this challenge. So, I was patient, and I trained my anal and vaginal muscles every day. I simply couldn’t let a butt plug beat me.

In only three days I noticed that my muscles had become a lot stronger. And that was not the only thing that had improved. My orgasms became Earth-shattering. And not only did they become more powerful, but they also became more frequent. I was able to climax in positions that wouldn’t have even aroused me before I started practicing.

Lastly, I have noticed that people were starting to compliment me on my posture. I never thought much about it before, but it seems like I didn’t use to sit up straight. Using my butt plugs has made my lower abs tighter, and it has improved my posture. And, finally, something I praise more than anything else on this list of benefits — it made my menstrual cramps a lot easier to withstand. As someone who used to constantly suffer from painful periods, I can’t begin to explain how important this benefit is for me.


Most women aren’t even aware that their pelvic floors can be weak. And, unfortunately, that can lead to negative effects. That is why I am using anal plugs to prevent the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor. And I can honestly say that they are doing wonders for me. They completely prevent any accidents regarding incontinence. And failing to reach the toilet in time is not something I would ever want to happen to me.

I have also seen that many other women are reporting an increase in sexual pleasure after using an anal plug. And I am more than happy to confirm those claims.