Things to Consider for Daily Use of Butt Plugs

Many women who go to the store of sexual accessories quite often the question arises, what is butt plug, and what is it for. In this article we will talk about what it is and why it is needed at all. Butt plug is needed to simulate the effect of double penetration, to prepare the anus for anal sex, as well as to reduce the volume of the vagina. Vaginal stretching usually occurs after childbirth, when the genitals lose their elasticity and density.

The Results

Therefore, these are the reasons prompted many couples enjoy anal plug, anal plug you can buy by clicking on the link. The essence of the application is that when the cork is in the anus, it puts pressure on the vaginal muscles with its volume, thus narrowing them a little. This feels great man who penetrates his penis into the vagina. The larger the size of such a toy, the more the vagina will narrow.

  • To begin to use this toy, you must pass a special training ass. Most often, when a foreign body is injected into the anus, the muscles of the anus pass reflexively contract. For the introduction of this device itself in the anus, you must purchase a special lubricant or lubricant; they can be purchased at any pharmacy. Regarding the butt plug for beginners this is a very important matter now.
  • Look at the fact that the anal plug does not exceed the size of 3 cm. The shape should be tapered, this will greatly facilitate penetration. To enter the cork must be carefully and carefully, so as not to damage the anus. At first, there may be no pleasant sensations that will quickly disappear. When the tube is inserted into the passage, you can start vaginal sex.
  • Before use, rinse well and lubricate the anal tube with a lubricant, it is advisable to apply a lot of this lubricant to the anus, then gently pressing on the rotating cap, begin slow penetration. After the plug is inserted inside the entire length, you can enjoy sensual sex. After sex, be sure to ask your man about the feelings that he had.

Anal toys for beginners are a great way to experience new facets of sex life. If you want to experience untested anal sex, but are afraid or do not know where to start, toys for beginners will come to the rescue. The range of such toys is very large. It can be small vibrators with different extenders. Do not immediately use too large expanders. It can harm you and will not bring the pleasure that you expect.

A number of anal toys for beginners expanding the number of different anal plugs

Their size is also selected individually. Using anal vibrators and plugs it is very important to lubricate them with special anal lubricant. This will help you avoid discomfort and micro traumas.

Butt plugs can be used both immediately before sex and in advance. You can insert a small plug in the morning and change it to a larger size throughout the day. Thus you will be ready for anal sex at the right time.

Developers of sex toys recommend beginners to acquire several anal plugs of different sizes, this will allow you to gradually get used to a foreign object without unpleasant sensations.

Another type of sex toys for beginners is anal balls. Just like corks, anal balls can be of different sizes. They can be on a rigid rod or look like beads. Anal balls differ from vaginal smaller size, but a large number. Some anal balls for beginners may have an offset center of gravity. While driving, this creates the effect of vibration.

Anal balls are recommended to use with anal lubricants and lubricants. After use, they should be thoroughly washed with a special solution or bactericidal soap.

Jeweled plugs is also a sexual accessories that you can wear throughout the day. These are butt plugs with fancy jewels on it that gives it more bang and makes it more appealing. They are absolutely a work-of-art. Princess plug is also a type of jeweled butt plug for the royal girl who loves butt plugs.

With proper use and quality care anal toys for beginners will last you a long time. They can be both a tool for high-grade anal sex, and a kind of prelude to it. But, in any case, they will give you a lot of unforgettable moments and diversify your sex life.

The material in the manufacture can be glass, silicone, latex, rubber and others. Manufacturers of these toys also did not stop their fantasies and in the forms – it can be either a classic conical plug, or curved with various spikes. It can also have such devices as a pear, for pumping air or a vibrating mechanism.


Anal plugs can use both women and men, she does not have sex. When she enters the anus, she gives a feeling of filling. With its use partner reaches orgasm much faster and with more vivid impressions. Also, often this plug in love joys is used on the eve of anal sex; it helps to relax the muscles of the anus, which allows you to continue the process of penetration without pain.

Also butt plug can also be used for medicinal purposes. It allows men to independently carry out deep prostate massage, and women after childbirth to tighten the weakened muscles of the vagina. There are a great many ways to apply it, someone just uses it as a toy during sex, and someone expands the boundaries of his emotions, leaving her at home, or sitting at work.

Instructions for Use

First, it should be remembered that if you have never met with anal sex or traffic jams in love games, you should start with the smallest size so that it does not bring strong discomfort and pain, and you will not turn away from such experiments forever. For a more comfortable penetration (for beginners), you should choose latex or soft silicone stoppers. In addition to the unpleasant sensations, the large size for use for the first time can also cause micro traumas and rectal bleeding. In this case, the size is certainly not the main thing.

Before the introduction of the anal plug is to take care of the relaxation of the muscles of the anus means caress partner. Also, do not forget that, unlike the vagina, the anus does not emit a natural lubricant, and, accordingly, it is worthwhile to stock up with lubricants, which you need to abundantly lubricate the plug before its introduction.

Movement should be smooth and neat, without sharp and jerky. Butt plugs are not dildos; they do not intend to imitate anal sex in their use. Their purpose is to give a feeling of completeness, due to which there is an additional pleasure.

If your goal is to relax and expand the anal muscles before sexual intercourse, then after its introduction you should leave the cork there for a while – in order to get used to these feelings. It can also be inserted at the time of classic vaginal sex; it will help to experience new and stronger emotions.

It is recommended to use the anal plug together with water based or silicone based lubricants. Use as a lubricant for Vaseline, cream and other similar substances is not recommended. Firstly, in order to avoid unpleasant sensations in the anus, and secondly, so that the cork surface does not deteriorate.

There are also some other tips for use, which include hygienic compliance with standards – it is best to make a cleansing enema before use. After each use, the anal plug should be washed with warm soapy water. You cannot use it at the same time for the vagina and for the anus – this may affect your health due to the difference in the micro flora in these organs and the introduction of infections there. It is better to use the anal plug, putting on her contraceptive – a condom. Using these simple rules and instructions, you will be able to enjoy wonderful feelings and exciting games in bed for a long time.