Tips in Choosing the Right Material for your Butt Plug

If an anal plug is a little too hard to try out, it will usually take a so-called ball chain, because it offers the possibility to try out with very small ball diameters, if the stretching of the rosette is really nice. In addition, it is sufficient to push them a little further and the pressure is almost gone when you have worked your way up to one of the thin connectors between the balls.

However, since one usually gets used to the stretching quite quickly, lovers of this type usually change later to the larger plugs. Of which there are of course also the most varied variants. In addition to a matching ball diameter but also a non-slip, sufficiently large grip is the deciding factor in such a toy. Because no matter whether you make the necessary lubricity with spit, your own juice or lubricant, slippery it should be unconditional, which makes a safe and good grip when moving or removing the plug mandatory necessary.

The playful version also likes to have a fur tail or a fur puddle on the back. If animal tail plug interests you, check out the vast collection of these from Loveplugs. You would now rather under the category: ‘ funny, but little sense ‘ sort because without a lubricant is such a plug a rather less good idea and no matter if real, or artificial fur glued to the ugly and is difficult to get clean again. So in case Silicone vs stainless steel butt plug, which one to choose for maximum pleasure.

Butt plugs are made of silicone as well as hard, cool metal or glass. Depending on the surface, these may either already have an unpleasant odor or they may become so after use. Luckily, the plug cannot refuse if you want to cover it with a condom. This usually resolves the later odor problem and is also more pleasant later when cleaning with a disinfectant spray. However, this works better with the penis Butt plugs, as with the smaller plugs. Special variants are also available with a cock ring or a special ‘thumb’ shape provided, whereby a prostate stimulation should be made possible. Who would like to use the plug alone – e.g. in the shower should choose a version with a correspondingly large squeegee.

If you want, you do not need an additional vibration function usually with wired remote control, radio remote controls are rather rare to find) and of course are also inflatable models available commercially, which offer the advantage that you can usually use them longer, because the ball diameter and thus the elongation cannot be so fast too low. Of course, if you use the inflatable plug with a partner, you also have the extra kick that you do not know if and when the stretch will increase. Depending on the strength of the vibration or the plug diameter, this can also be an additional fun factor for the partner either through the transmission of the vibration or through the narrowing vagina.

Basically, anal plugs can be used alone as well as partner toys. Where the longer models, such as the anal chain with balls or hearts are basically better for self-playing, simply because you do not have to stretch out the arm to introduce them to move or hold. Who wants to use this in the shower or other surfaces in the standing, should pay attention to a sufficiently large squeegee.

Preparation with enema

Not a must, but sometimes simply a matter of personal well-being. Since one unfortunately does not have the feeling that the rectum is actually clean or not, anal intercourse is taboo for some alone for this reason. Even if you read over and over again that the intestine is the cleanest 2 to 3 hours after the last toilet, this is no guarantee. If you want to be sure, you can do an anal shower, e.g. with an enema . It is important that the tip to be inserted must not show any sharp edges.

A capacity of 250 ml is a good size for the enema ball or an anal shower. Fill a large bowl or sink with lukewarm water. Then squeeze the air out of the ball and dip it into the water, where it then fills with water. Press remaining air out of the ball, place the insertion tip and carefully insert it into the rosette. Now, by pressing the ball, inject the warm water into the intestine. Keep the ball pressed until the tip has been removed from the anus! This enema works very fast – even if you should try to keep the water in it a bit so in the bath.

After two to three repetitions normally only clear water comes. However, you should still allow some time to date with the toy or the partner and the toy, because it may happen that you have to give up some time lag still one or two residual water.

Anal plug

Anal sex is great but not easy for beginners. For these people, clever minds invented the anal plug. It widens the entrance to the pleasure cave and a penis can penetrate easily. So the anal sex becomes pure pleasure the first time. But that’s not all these little pieces can do they also stimulate your pleasure center enormously. How exactly? Well, we’ll explain that to you.

What is an anal plug, or butt plug?

Ok, that an anal plug widens the anus, you know that already. But what is this thing exactly. Well, to simplify it a bit: a kind of little dildo. He is conical in shape. Sounds complicated, but simply means: the toy is narrower at the front than at the back. And that’s important. That’s the way it can be easily introduced – with a little lubricant. Rear of the anal plug has a notch first and then a kind of handle. The notch you need to introduce the small dildo – and the notch is there for the plug can remain in the anus because many people enjoy the intense penenatrion of the plug during sex or while shopping.

How does an anal plug work?

If the anal dildo the anal for sex, he is introduced very slowly and with a lot of lubricant. Millimeter by millimeter – that’s a great feeling. The back quarter is about as thick as a penis – because he is supposed to come in later through the back door. The anal plug relaxes the roots – and gets the sphincter to the sensation. His penis will glide gently through your back door. But that’s not the only thing the toy can do. It can also stay in the anus thank the score.

Many women and men enjoy it when the anal plug is in their buttocks while having sex. This takes the stimulation to a whole new level. Or are you one of the most courageous? Then wear your butt plug while shopping and enjoy the gentle thrusts. According to the manufacturers, the anal plug can be worn without problems for several hours but should be pulled out once every hour.