5 Keys to Prostatic Orgasm

No gentlemen, the Point P is not limited to the 4 walls of the famous sign of materials. Point P is the masculine counterpart of the mysterious G-spot, which you may be looking for. Because done in the rules of art, the prostate massage can open the doors of the 7th heaven; it is more than time to discover this practice “addictive”! Women no longer have the prerogative of orgasm repeatedly, and we will reveal how to easily reach prostatic orgasm, without taboos! What a foot! Here you will came to know about how to have hands free prostate orgasms.

Prostate orgasm: intense pleasure to infinity

Yes, the prostate is an erogenous area sensitive to massage. For a long time shunned, prostatic pleasure is now on the rise. Generally considered a practice reserved for homosexual men, the massage of the prostate seduces more and more heterosexuals, conquered by the extreme power of prostatic orgasm. Coated beneath the bladder, the prostate is a gland that surrounds the urethra. More intense than that caused by penetration or masturbation, prostatic orgasm is the result of stimulation of the prostate. Extremely erogenous, this gland begs to be stimulated, whether with the finger, a prostatic sex toy or a “good old” penetration!

Just like its counterpart point G, Point P is not visible to the eye, which complicates its access. However, there are two ways to reach prostatic orgasm: the internal way, via the anus, and the external way, via the perineum. Which one will be yours?

What is prostatic orgasm?

It is essential to gently massage the prostate. More subtle than usual orgasms, prostatic pleasure is felt from within, without any need to associate this dear penis. But before massaging the prostate, you still have to find it! To reach the prostate, it is enough to penetrate the anus to 2/3 to feel a small ball on the anterior face of the rectum. Given the fragility of the internal tissues of the area, the massage of the prostate must take place in the sweetest way, its sensitivity allowing a very slight stimulation. If it is possible, even advised, to hasten the movements during the massage, the acceleration must intervene in the lightness, always and whatever your degree of excitement!

Prostate orgasm: another idea of  pleasure??

While some will manifest an erection under the pleasure of the massage of their prostate, others will cum without even their penis wriggled a single moment! If the pleasure is guaranteed, however, it is possible that the practice of prostate massage requires some training before keeping all its orgasmic promises. Your prostate needs to become familiar with these new sensations. You can then give it to your heart’s content because just like the female orgasm, prostatic pleasure is “repeatable” to infinity! The men questioned report having been “invaded from all sides by a wave of successive waves of pleasure”. Addictive: we’ll warn you!

Since it’s a pleasurable experience, there are people who are into BDSM that use prostate stimulation in their repertoire. They often use cock cages for semen buildup in order to heighten pleasure.

How to massage the prostate?

Anal stimulation is the most common and especially the most effective way to achieve prostatic orgasm. It is enough to introduce a finger in the anus (to 2/3 remember it) to caress delicately the anterior wall by pressing slightly in the direction of the navel. You can let your imagination speak and massage the prostate while remaining attentive to the feelings of your partner. And to increase the excitement and pleasure, take the opportunity to stimulate his penis, when we love we do not count! The most sensitive souls are even allowed to parry their finger of a condom. Another convenient way to massage the prostate is by using an anal vibrator. Click Here to learn more about it.

Stimulation of the prostate by sex toy

If the prospect of a finger slipping into your anus does not rejoice, please know that there is sex toys specially designed for prostate stimulation. With a specific curvature, prostatic sex toys allow a greater choice of positions. In the case of a prostatic vibrator (very curved), you must orient the stimulator towards the prostate, that is to say by ensuring that its end rests on the upper wall of the rectum, towards the navel. No need to move back and forth: the prostate massage requires softness and lightness. You will quickly realize that slight vibrations and subtle caresses are all indicated to lavish you an intense prostatic pleasure.

Prostate and penetration

In the case of penetration stimulation, the effectiveness of prostate massage depends entirely on the penis anatomy of your partner, as well as his ability to use it. Depending on the shape of the penis and the power of the erection, the massage of the prostate will be more or less effective.

External stimulation

Advised to “prost’ addicts” beginners, the massage of the prostate by the perineum is unfortunately less effective than that operated via the anus. If it is optimistic to seek to achieve prostatic orgasm through this, the caresses at this level are divine. Just perform a gentle and regular massage of the area between the anus and the testicles, while achieving slight support. And for an unforgettable stimulation and a penis at the top of the excitement, make your fingers vibrate: your partner will not recover! The absence of prostatic orgasm invites to accompany the massage with masturbation or oral sex. At the time of ejaculation, pressure in the perineum towards the prostate will increase the pleasure of your partner.

6 tips for good prostate stimulation

  • Whatever you use, never enter the anus “dry”. Prefer to use an anal lubricant or possibly a lot of saliva.
  • For a prostate massage “on the finger”, make sure your hands are flawless and your nails are short. The anal wall is fragile.
  • When using a prostate stimulator, thoroughly clean the anal sex toy with a suitable product, or an anti-bacterial, but without alcohol.
  • Sit as comfortable as possible. If you choose the lying position (by far the best in our opinion), bend your knees slightly, and place a cushion under your pelvis to optimize the stimulation.
  • To be effective, the massage of the prostate requires a maximum of relaxation. Meditation session, glass of alcohol and other small tips that will relax you are welcome.

Make sure to stop prostate stimulation as soon as orgasm is reached. Immobilize your finger but do not take it out too fast to let your partner enjoy his pleasure. If this article has convinced you of the benefits of prostate massage, visit the online Prostate Stimulator Shop now and get your dream in your hand.