6 Best Sex Toys and How to Use Them

You want to experience new feelings, which so far only few have experienced? Want to know about what are anal hooks? Then you are right here. This is about the topic of dilator. You will learn which dilator is right for you, how to properly prepare yourself, how to use the dilator, and then cleanse it again. You’ll also find out what to look for when buying.

A dilator is a medical device used to dilate existing or artificial orifices such as the urethra, anus, vagina or cervix. As a sex toy, however, a dilator should be used less often, without medical supervision, to dilate the urethra, but rather as a dildo for the urethra.

A dilator can be used in both men and women. You experience a wonderful, new and hitherto unknown highly sexual feeling that you have never known before. The experienced orgasm is a sensation. Unfortunately, the use of a dilator is known to very few men and women.

Masturbation from the outside as well as the inside dilator can multiply the orgasm in men. The erectile tissue is then massaged from two sides. In women, in addition to satisfaction with the dilator, a manual stimulation of the clitoris or the parallel insertion of a vibrator is possible. The highlights are simply indescribable and have to be experienced.

But how do you use a dilator? Before answering this question, we have to be concerned with security because it is a very important factor and we do not want to hurt anyone playing.

Safety – Please pay attention to cleanliness

Please remember that you are introducing yourself or your partner into the urethra. Because women’s urethra is much shorter than men’s, bladder infections are much more common in women. Therefore please pay attention to cleanliness while playing. And with cleanliness mean the following:

Both after and before each use, disinfect the dilator with a suitable disinfectant. Please make sure that it is not enough to spray the agent on and then remove it, but that the agent has a contact time.

Disinfect your hands and pay attention to clean fingernails. It is also possible to use gloves.

Disinfect the area around the urethra. When selecting the disinfectant, please make sure that it is suitable for mucous membranes. The use of a normal disinfectant causes severe burning and pain. When applying the disinfectant, make sure that there are no rashes, redness or allergic reactions.

Use a sterile lubricant that you either apply to the dilator or inject directly into the urethra.

Please do not do anything by force. Perform soft movements. If your partner is in pain or you recognize blood on the dilator or in the urethra, you’d better stop the game.

These safety rules may sound a bit complicated, but in fact they become routine after 1-2 times. We would like to prepare ourselves or our partner good feelings and not hurt him!

Dilator application – step by step – even for beginners

Now that we’ve gone through the security rules, we can start the game. It’s best to do whatever you need. These are: The dilator, disinfectant for skin and mucous membranes, sterile lubricant and possibly gloves.

Please wash your hands and disinfect them afterwards. Then use the mucosal detergent to disinfect the area around the urethra.

To allow the dilator to slide through the urethra painlessly and without friction, sterile lubricant is used. The lubricant is either in small bags for application to the dilator or in syringes either for application to the dilator or for direct injection into the urethra. Especially beginners, sexologists advise rather to inject the Gleitgels.Verwenden no needles or needles with the syringe! Just insert the nose of the syringe into the urethra. Take the second hand and gently squeeze the exit of the urethra to keep the lubricant in the urethra. Otherwise it would flow outside. Now inject the lubricant into the urethra. It can be a big dose in men, but it is rather less in women. You or your partner will feel a pleasant coldness, as the lubricant flows through the urethra. Now take some lubricant out of the syringe and use it to paint the tip of the dilator.

Relax. Take any time you need. Now insert the dilator slowly. Do not use force or even minimal force. Move the dilator back and forth to satisfy yourself or your partner. At the same time, you can also manually stimulate the penis or clitoris. When you’re done with the game, wash the dilator with hot water and disinfect it with a disinfectant.

Caution when using in men:

Especially beginners, it is advised to introduce the dilator the first time, when the penis is limp. With a stiff penis, the dilator can be inserted a bit harder. The erectile tissue presses the dilator itself out all the time. It can be difficult when such a soulful new experience is imminent. Nevertheless, sexologists recommend rather wait a minute longer.

Sexologists also advise men to remove the dilator from orgasm or ejaculation from the urethra. The reason for this is that the dilator can hinder the flow of semen. The ejaculate, however, then seeks another way and that would be, for example, the bubble. Although for a long time penile orgasmic penetration has been a (badly effective) method of contraception, science today disagrees as to whether or not health risks can arise. Sexologists therefore recommend men to remove the dilator before orgasm.

Attention when playing with a partner:

Never use a stainless steel dilator on more than one person without disinfecting it. If the dilator is made of a different material, then it should really only be used by one person!

What size – what is the point of purchase?

As a beginner, you will probably ask the question of what size or diameter should have a dilator. If the diameter is too large, it will actually stretch the urethra. This can cause pain or small tears and bleeding. If the diameter is too small, then the contact with the wall of the urethra is missing. So you rob yourself a part of the good feelings. Aside from dilator, others say anal sex toys are also a good option, check out this link https://loveplugs.co/collections/anal-sex-toys to find out why.

As per experience people, sizes between 6 and 8mm are quite suitable for a beginner. Where men are more likely to grab 8mm, women tend to 6mm. An alternative is dilators that have a waveform. When moving in the urethra, they produce a very nice feeling even with a small diameter.

There are dilators made of different materials on the market. It is made of stainless steel, silicone, latex, other metals and other rubber-like materials. Just beginners experts advise to use surgical stainless steel. The material has the advantage that it is easy to clean, does not wear, and retains its shape. This gives you control of the staff all the time.

Other materials can cause allergies. Soft materials can potentially release pollutants such as plasticizers. With soft materials, wear occurs during use, which makes good cleaning and disinfection difficult. These are all reasons for us to recommend the use of a stainless steel dilator. An exception is so-called dwell dilators.